Unknown Puzzle Caches

So, I’ve begun an effort to get 17% of my finds to be puzzle caches in order to claim ache GC1NBVB, titled “17”. I’m at 3.7% now, so clearly I have some work to do. The good news is that I’ve only found 81 caches total so far, so it’s not insurmountable like it would be if I was at 3% and had found 1000 caches already.

I just need to find at least…. carry the one… divide by 0.83…. 13 unknown caches. ┬áNow realistically, my next 13 caches aren’t going to be unknowns. Still, it’s a good number to keep in mind. To help get there, I’ve decided to tackle the series of 10 “The Nefarious Camarilla” (TNC) caches hidden across north central Massachusetts. The final cache lists them all: http://coord.info/GCR6ME

I’ve solved #1 and #8 already, and have some good ideas on #9 (which is closest to me). But eventually I’m going to have to head out and get some of these, since each cache provides both a clue to the next sequential cache (except #9, which has a clue for #1), as well as a clue to solve the final cache.

Sue already has “17”, but she hasn’t gone out for any TNC caches yet, so we’ll probably we working together on this one. We should be able to get some posts up as we progress through this series.

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