Touring the Mid-Atlantic Region: Baltimore

Our family decided to take a road trip this summer. Sue and I visited places we hadn’t been in a while, and we took the kids to have all new experiences! First stop: Baltimore!

Perrin & Hayden at the National Aquarium

Well, technically Perrin went to Washington, D.C. when he was a baby, but we’re not counting that. What vacation is complete without grabbing a few geocaches along the way? We made sure to stop and fill in some empty states and grab some notable caches of each area, all while taking in the sights.

We did make quick rest-stop geocache grabs in New Jersey and Delaware on our way south, but I wouldn’t really say we visited. Our first real stop was in Baltimore.

We stayed right in the Inner Harbor.  I used to visit my mom all the time when she was going to college at MICA, but it’s been a couple decades since I’ve been back. Driving through Baltimore was a little sketchier than I remembered, which is too bad. I used to have a great time visiting the city. The Inner Harbor was better than I remembered, though. I think they’ve expanded on it.

We walked all over that first evening, just checking out the sights.  Of course, we grabbed some crab cakes at a local restaurant that first night. We grabbed one cache, but had to wait to come back to get another due to high muggle activity at the end of a pier. The next morning, we visited the National Aquarium. I still think it’s the best aquarium in the country. Certainly better than Boston’s.

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